Helmet Shop in Ho Chi Minh City – Sai Gon

Helmet Shop in Ho Chi Minh City – Sai Gon

Helmet Shop in Ho Chi Minh City – Sai Gon. Welcome to our website www.bikersaigon.net are specializing in Motocycles accessories . We’re one of prestige helmets store in Ho Chi Minh City good price, warranty 1 year, varieties of helmets produced in Viet Nam has passed the quality center in HCMC and also many different types from famous brands like LS2, Yohe, Zeus, Torc,…. We providing a haft shell helmets, open face helmets, fullface helmets.


This is over view of store 2 at 818 Nguyen Kiem, ward 3, Go Vap District.

If you are preparing for a long ride. Helmet is very important, its not just only protect your head but also protect your healthy. Raining, sunny, pollution,.It can’t touch your face directly.

. Here is the right place that you need to visit.

non-bao-hiem-fullface-ls2-ff353-dfe82e2f697d8a23d36cFullface helmet Ls2 FF353

With more than 3 years experience working in motorcycle industry. We are confident to bring the right quality products needed for long trips.


Currently we have almost all kinds of products you are looking for. In addition to the helmet, we also have gloves, accessories, armor, and raincoats needed for a long trip.


This is opend face helmet 2 visors which is very popular in Vietnam


This is a 2-visors fullface flip-up  helmet that makes it more convenient for us


We have many kinds of glass can use for the helmets

Choosing helmet size is also important. Because if you choose the wrong size too big it will not be safe to drive at high speed. The wind can blow and shake the helmet and when we fall down the helmet will be deflected without any protection. If the size of the helmet was too tight, it will make you uncomfortable, the blood cannot be circulated.

Here is the size table for you to better understand how to choose a helmet size.


The first store is only 1 kilometer from the district 1. The second store is near the airport, its also about  1 kilometer away.

To see more : https://bikersaigon.net/danh-muc/non-bao-hiem/

Fullface : https://bikersaigon.net/danh-muc/non-bao-hiem/mu-bao-hiem-fullface/

Contact us if you need any help : 0969064846

Address :

Store 1 : 723 Hung Phu, Ward 9 , District 8, HCMC

Store 2 : 818 Nguyen Kiem, Ward 3, Go Vap District, HCMC


Store 1 :

Store 2 :

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